Lab Song!

Lab Director and Professor

Martha W. Alibali

Contact information:

Department of Psychology and Department of Educational Psychology,

University of Wisconsin-Madison

office: (608) 262-0837

lab: (608) 263-0757


Graduate Students

Andrea M. Donovan

Andrea is interested in cognitive development and mathematical learning in children.  Her current research investigates the role of manipulatives in children’s mathematical learning and conceptual understanding of equations, and how children express new knowledge in performance, speech and gesture.




Rui Meng

I am a fourth year graduate student advised by Martha Alibali and Percival Matthews. My research focuses on cognitive development and cut across cognitive, developmental, and educational psychology. In particular, I study how young children and adults understand and interpret covariation data, and its connections with other numerical and mathematical concepts.



Anna Bartel

I am a third year graduate student advised by Martha Alibali. Broadly, my research interests are focused on how visual representations help students solve math problems. Specifically, I am interested in how diagrams influences the degree to which a learner is capable of symbolizing an equation from a story problem, and how different visual representations of variability influence students (mis)conceptions about confidence intervals.



David Menendez

I’m a third year graduate student advised by Martha Alibali and Karl Rosengren. My research broadly centers on conceptual development. More specifically, on children’s understanding of the natural world, and how visual representations aid or hinder learning about biology. I am also interested in how children’s socialization into their given culture might influence their conception of life processes.



Undergraduate Students

Kathryn Anderson

Vaughan Collins

Collen Bruckner

Erika Strauss

Erin Condon

Eartha Zhang

Vanesa Meneses

Morgan Gald

Delaney Twing

Morgan Pagenkopf

Olivia Borglin

Adele Poser

Devin Deegan

Vijay Marupudi

Li Cai