Lab Meetings

Our weekly lab meeting is on Tuesday from 12:15-1:30pm in room 338 of the Psychology building.

Lab Meeting Schedule Fall 2019

wdt_ID Date Presenter Topic (Subject to Change)
1 September 10th Martha Alibali First Lab Meeting
2 September 17th David Menendez Visual Representation in Learning Biology
3 September 24th Rui Meng Interpretation of Covariation Data
4 October 1st Emily Szkudlarek Nonsymbolic Representations of Arithemtic
5 October 8th Multiple (David, Andrea, Emily, Martha) Practice Posters for CDS
6 October 15th Nicholas Vest First Year Project
7 October 22nd Alex Viegut & Andrea Marquardt Donovan Fraction Gesture
8 October 29th No Lab Meeting
9 November 5th Lauren Anthony First Year Project
10 November 12th Michael & Doy Embodied Geometric Reasoning